European Biochar Certificate

Issued by the Foundation Ithaka Institute

Steering Board: Hans-Peter Schmidt (Ithaka Institute), Thomas Bucheli (Agroscope Zurich), Claudia Kammann (University Geisenheim), Bruno Glaser (University Halle), Gerhard Soja (AIT Vienna), Pellegrino Conte (University of Palermo)


Ithaka Institute for Carbon Strategies

Ancienne Eglise 9

1974 Arbaz


phone: +41 (0) 27 398 12 92


Your contact persons: Hans-Peter Schmidt and Nikolas Hagemann


Carbon Standards International AG has taken over the standard and day-to-day operations as of October 25, 2021.


Carbon Standards International AG

Ackerstrasse 117

5070 Frick


phone: +41 (0) 62 552 10 90


Your contact person: Julia Winter