Partner Laboratories for EBC related biochar analysis

It is intended to establish a European biochar analytical network of laboratories that use the same analytical methods and participate in regular ring trials.

The German Analytical Laboratory Eurofins is the first lab that offers comprehensive biochar analyses in accordance with the EBC and the prescribed methods. The Eurofins basic biochar package contains all analyses necessary for the EBC-batch-certification and basic characterization of biochar.

Untill now, only the Eurofins Umwelt Ost Laboratory fullfills all conditions for the EBC accreditation though we hope that further laboratories will accept the challenge and join the network.



Eurofins Umwelt Ost GmbH
Niederlassung Freiberg
Gewerbegebiet Freiberg Ost
Lindenstraße 11
D-09627 Bobritzsch-Hilbersdorf
Phone: +49 3731 2076 – 500
Mobile: +49 172 9224436
Fax: +49 3731 2076 – 555

Website with information about the biochar analysis packages of Eurofins Labs